1. How do I participate in an online auction?

Before bidding in an online auction, you must first login with your MyChristie’s username and password, and then register for your chosen auction.

If you do not have a MyChristie’s username and password, you can create one by clicking here.

Once you have a MyChristie’s account, you can register for a specific sale by clicking “Register to Start Bidding” on any lot detail page; then provide Christie’s with the requested information. Be aware that each online sale requires a separate registration process to confirm important details.

2. I have bid with Christie’s before. Do I need to create a MyChristie’s account?

If you have previously bid in Christie’s live auctions, but have not yet created a MyChristie’s account, you will need to do so before bidding online.

3. Can I place bids on behalf of a company?

Yes. However, please contact us to configure the account under which you will be bidding as a company buyer.

4. What if I forget my username or password?

Your username for the online auction will likely be the email address you provided as part of your registration. For your security and privacy, Christie’s staff cannot access your confidential password. If you forget your password, under the “ My Account” dropdown menu on the upper right side of the page, click “Sign In”. Then click "Forgot Your Password?" and you’ll be prompted to enter your email address. Click “Continue” and you will be asked security questions. Our automated system will then email you a link to reset your password.

5. Why am I not receiving notification emails from Christie’s online auctions?

Christie’s emails can sometimes by blocked by spam filters. Please check your spam folder or junk mail folder and add Christie’s communications to your safe list.

6. How do I manage my email settings?

You can manage your email settings by logging in to your account and going to “ My Account” and then “Notification Settings”. There, you can uncheck the boxes of the emails that you do not want to receive.


7. What are Christie’s Terms and Conditions?

It is important for bidders to read the Conditions of Sale that apply to the sale of all lots. By registering in the online auction, you are agreeing to these conditions, which are accessible via the link at the bottom of every sale page and at onlineonly.christies.com .

8. How do I search for specific items I am interested in?

You may search an online auction by keyword or by lot number by using the search box at the top of each page. You can also sort by filters at the top of the sale page.

9. How can I learn about a lot that interests me?

Lot descriptions and condition reports are available online. We encourage you to contact us to discuss the property, via email or by phone. Christie’s specialists are experts in their fields and are eager to provide you with details about each lot, if asked.

10. What is an estimate?

The estimate is the range of values expected for the initial sale of a particular artwork or item. Estimates are based upon prices recently paid at auction for comparable property and take into account condition, rarity, quality, provenance, and other specific factors.

11. Can I view bids in another currency?

Yes. Select the “Secondary Currency” drop-down menu on the upper right of each page. Please note this number is only an estimate, based on the latest exchange rates, and all bids as well as final payments will be conducted and remitted in the sale’s primary currency.

12. How do I submit a bid?

Bids can be submitted anytime during the course of an online auction and must be submitted through the online platform.

There are two ways to bid: (i) submit the starting/next bid or (ii) submit a maximum bid.

To simplify the bidding process, Christie’s uses predetermined bidding increments. Please refer to the Conditions of Sale for a list of increments, which vary by currency.

If a maximum bid is submitted, bids will be placed on your behalf only as much as is required to ensure you remain the highest bidder (up to your maximum bid). In cases when two equivalent maximum bids are submitted, the earlier one will hold.

Please note that each bid is a binding contract indicating intent to purchase under the Conditions of Sale.

13. How will I know if my bid was successful?

After a lot closes, we will send you an email notifying you of your winning bid. You will be able to confirm your winning bid by clicking on “ My Account” and checking the “My Bids and Checkout” tab. While there, you can also view and print online auction payment confirmations and invoices.

14. Can I change or cancel a bid?

In a time-based auction, you cannot cancel a bid once it has been submitted. You may, however, adjust your maximum bid while it is higher than the current standing bid.

15. How can I access the auction and bid from my mobile device?

We recommend that you download the Christie’s App from the iTunes App Store. The Christie’s App is available for iPad and iPhone, running iOS 7 and above. An Android version of the app is in development and will be added soon.

16. When do lots close?

A countdown clock is displayed for each lot on the lot detail page. If a bid is placed within the final two minutes of the closing time of a lot, two additional minutes will be added to the designated closing time for that lot. Please note that the extension of one lot’s closing time does not affect other lots’ closing times; therefore it is possible that lots will close out of numerical lot order.


17. How is the final cost calculated?

In an online auction, you are required to pay:

• the final bid price (hammer price)

• buyer’s premium

and, where applicable:

• taxes and/or VAT, import tax, customs duty, and any local clearance fees applicable for your country

• artist’s resale right

• shipping expenses

• loss/damage liability fee (1% of the purchase price)

Once registered, you can view all of the estimated costs associated with your purchase by clicking on the “Total Cost Calculator” under the bid button of each lot.

18. What is the buyer’s premium?

The buyer’s premium is an additional fee the buyer pays to the auction house based on the hammer price.

For New York-based auctions:

All lots except wine: The buyer’s premium is 25% of the hammer price of each lot up to and including $100,000, plus 20% of the excess of the hammer price from $100,001, up to and including $2,000,000 and 12% in excess of any amount above $2,000,001.

Wine lots: The buyer’s premium is a flat 22.5% of the hammer price of each lot.

For London-based auctions:

All lots except wine: The buyer’s premium is 25% of the hammer price of each lot up to and including £50,000, plus 20% of the excess of the hammer price from £50,001, up to and including £1,000,000 and 12% in excess of any amount above £1,000,001.

Wine lots: The buyer’s premium is a flat 17.5% of the hammer price of each lot.

For Hong Kong-based auctions:

All lots except wine: The buyer’s premium is 25% of the hammer price of each lot up to and including HK$800,000, plus 20% of the excess of the hammer price from HK$800,001, up to and including HK$15,000,000, plus 12% of any amount in excess of HK$15,000,001.

For Dubai-based auctions:

All lots except wine: The buyer’s premium is 25% of the hammer price of each lot up to and including $100,000, plus 20% of the excess of the hammer price from $100,001, up to and including $2,000,000, and 12% of the excess of the hammer price above $2,000,001.

19. What sales tax, VAT, import tax and/or customs duty will be charged?

You can view all of the tax, VAT, import tax, and customs duty costs associated with a lot by clicking on the “Total Cost Calculator” under the bid button of each lot.

For New York-based auctions:

All lots except wine: Successful bidders will be charged sales tax if they take collection of the property in California, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, or Texas.

Wine lots: Successful bidders will be charged sales tax if they take collection of the property in California, Florida, Illinois, New York, or Pennsylvania.

For London-based auctions:

Successful bidders will be charged VAT if they take collection of the property within the EU. All lots are subject to the Margin Scheme unless otherwise noted on the lot detail page. See the Terms and Conditions for VAT definitions.

For all international non-wine shipments, we will charge customs duty, import tax, and any local clearance fees.

20. Can I provide a reseller’s certificate to claim exemption from U.S. sales tax?

Yes, you may claim exemption from U.S. sales tax by clicking the “Sales Tax Exemption” box at the time of registration and submitting appropriate documentation to us by contacting Christie’s Client Services.

21. Can I apply for a VAT refund?

The VAT amount in the buyer’s premium for EU private buyers cannot be refunded. For buyers outside the EU, VAT may be refunded with proof of export outside the EU within 30 days of release for lots marked with the star (*) or Omega (Ω) symbol, and, for all other lots, with proof of export within 90 days of release.

22. How are customs duty and tax calculated?

Customs authorities in each country calculate duty and tax based on a number of factors, including:

• The category in which the product is classified in the international Harmonised Code (HS) system; and

• The value of the product (the price you paid)

For most countries, duty and tax are calculated on a ‘CIF’ basis (meaning Cost, Insurance and Freight), so the shipping and insurance charges you pay will also be factored in to the duty calculation.

23. Will I have to pay duty and tax when the package is delivered?

For all lots except wine, duty, import and export taxes are pre-calculated and prepaid when you purchase your lot. Christie’s partner, Borderlinx, and Borderlinx’s shipping partner handle the customs clearance at the point of entry to your country and the payment of duty and tax on your behalf.


24. How do I pay for my purchase?

Upon the closing of an online auction, proceed to “My Account” and then click “My Bids and Checkout”. Click the “Checkout” tab, then select your purchases and add them to your basket.

Payment must be made online by credit card and will be in the currency of the sale site. No other forms of payment are accepted for online auctions. Christie’s will only accept credit cards with a Mastercard, Visa, Discover (including Diners Club International and JCB), American Express or China Union Pay logo. Please note that China Union Pay credit cards must feature a Visa or Mastercard logo.

Partial payment of a lot, or payment across multiple credit cards for a single lot, will not be allowed. If you purchase multiple lots, you may purchase one lot with one credit card and another lot with a different credit card but you will need to go through the checkout process twice.

Please note that Christie’s will only accept payment from the registered bidder.

25. How long do I have to pay for my purchases?

Payment must be received and cleared in full within two business days of the close of the auction.


26. When will my property be shipped?

Christie’s will initiate your shipment to the address provided at checkout 2-5 business days after full clearance of funds, and after confirmation that there are no outstanding charges on your other Christie’s accounts. Please note that some lots will be subject to CITES, import and export licenses. Where this is the case, Christie’s will arrange the paperwork; however, this cannot be done until full payment has been received. Note that these licenses are granted by the relevant authorities and the timeframe is therefore beyond Christie’s control.

27. What is the cost of shipping my purchase internationally?

The cost of international shipping will vary depending on the object, its weight and dimensions, and is comprised of:

• Express shipping charges to your designated delivery address from the origin country to the destination country

• Expert fine art packing and materials

• Loss/damage liability coverage

• Customs duty (for all lots except wine)

• Import tax

• Any local clearance fees applicable for your country

28. How long does delivery take?

Your purchase will be shipped by international air express. Delivery will take approximately 2-5 business days from the date of dispatch.

29. Can my package be delivered to a PO Box?

Unfortunately not. For air express delivery, a full street address and a contact phone number are required.

30. What happens if my purchase is lost or damaged during shipping?

On rare occasions, a package may be lost or the contents damaged during international shipment, no matter how carefully it is handled. Any claims for loss or damage may be covered by Christie’s Loss/Damage and Liability policies (LDL), which you obtain when you purchase your lot. If your package is lost or damaged in international transit, you will need to submit a claim within 14 days of the date of delivery, or within 14 days of the date you received confirmation that it was lost. To make a claim, please contact us here.

31. Are there any countries that I cannot ship to?

For all lots except wine, Christie’s works with Borderlinx as shipping partner. Borderlinx can ship to more than 60 countries. If you live in any of those countries you will be able to arrange international shipping when you make your purchase. If you live in a country which Borderlinx does not ship to, you will not see international shipping as an option when you make your purchase.

Shipping is not possible to Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria and any other country subject to US or international embargoes. If you have questions about international shipping to any particular country, click here.

32. Can I collect my purchase(s) instead of shipping?

Yes. Provided that your purchased lots are paid for in full and funds cleared, you may collect them from the sale site which hosted the sale by selecting the Collection option at checkout. If you opt to collect your purchase(s), please contact us at least 48 hours in advance to arrange a time and to ensure your purchase(s) will be available for collection. Should you send someone to collect on your behalf, please complete aLetter of Authorization and send it to us at onlineonly@christies.com. Your representative must present a valid picture ID at the time of collection, such as driver’s license or passport. If you have not collected your purchase(s) within two weeks of the sale closing, Christie’s reserves the right to ship them to you at your expense.


33. How do I read the site in different languages?

Many elements of our site are translated into Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, and French. To access a language other than English, please select a language from the drop-down menu on the upper right of each page. If you require any further translations, please contact the department holding the sale.


34. Who do I contact if I have questions or technical difficulties?

If you have any questions or technical difficulties while trying to participate in an online auction, please contact Christie’s Client Services