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Contains explicit content

The content of this online-only auction from contains some explicit material and mature subject matter, including artwork containing nudity, sexual conduct and other material that some people may consider offensive.

By entering this website, you are declaring that you are of legal age in the United States (over 18); that you are not otherwise prohibited from viewing such material by the laws of any country, state or local community applicable to you; that if you misrepresent your age or legal status you may be in violation of such laws; and that you accept full responsibility for your use of this website. You also agree that you shall not copy, distribute, or retransmit any of the content contained on this website without the prior written consent of Christie's.

If you allow your child or any other person access to your computer, you acknowledge that it is your responsibility to determine whether viewing any of the services, content or subject matter displayed on this website violates applicable law or is otherwise inappropriate, and agree to limit such access accordingly.

You further agree that Christie's shall not have any responsibility or liability of any nature for the consequences of any access to or use of the content contained on this website.

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