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Feelings in Colour: The Graphic Art of Howard Hodgkin
Online 4 - 12 April 2019
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Feelings in Colour presents an extensive selection of hand-coloured etchings created by Howard Hodgkin in partnership with the master printmaker Jack Shirreff at the 107 Workshop in Wiltshire. The sale celebrates the technical virtuosity achieved in Hodgkin’s graphic works between 1986 and 2009, where carborundum and extensive hand-colouring were employed to add a greater depth and texture to his printed images.

The monumental As Time Goes By(Red) is regarded as the largest etching ever made, measuring an impressive 2.4 by 6.1 meters. This extraordinarily large work is the culmination of the artist’s attempts to blur the boundary between the mediums of painting and printmaking, resulting in a visual explosion of printed and painted splatters that merge into a vibrant and harmonious composition.

Further highlights include a selection of the artist’s celebrated large-scale Palm trees, Flowering Palm , Night Palm , Street Palm and Palm and Window, as well as the complete series of Venetian Views (Lots 16-19) depicting the artist’s experience of the city at Morning, Afternoon, Evening and Night. Each of the four Venice works share the same composition and are printed from the same etching plates, but appear vastly different from one another due to the differing colour palettes and extensive use of hand-colouring.

On a smaller scale but equally impressive is Strictly Personal , whose title alludes to the artist’s aversion for attaching literary interpretation to his images. Hodgkin was intensely concerned with the communication of direct emotion between his works and the viewer and felt that descriptive explanations often impeded a purely sensory interaction. With estimates ranging from £800 to £35,000 and a broad variety of style and colour, there is a vast array on offer for new and established collectors of this important artist’s work.


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