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Gold Boxes: Micromosaic Boxes and Jewellery
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Mosaics have been created on the Italian peninsula for nearly two millennia. Micromosaics use many hundreds or sometimes thousands, of tesserae or smalti, small pieces of coloured glass cut from oven-baked rods, arranged to form an image. By the middle of the 18th century, technological advances permitted the realization of miniscule tesserae which, in turn, enabled artisans to create painstakingly detailed and exquisitely rendered works. Immensely popular with Grand Tourists, fine micromosaics were created in numerous sizes, from small plaques made to be incorporated into elaborate jewellery and gold boxes, to framed panels designed to be hung in galleries. Roman artisans such as Giacomo Raffaelli, Luigi Moglia and Antonio Aguatti, their workshops based around the Spanish Steps, created micromosaics representing artistic masterpieces from the antique to the contemporary, with subjects including views of ancient Rome, portraits, still lives and animals, many of examples of which can be found in this collection.

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