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Graphicstudio Online
Online 17 - 24 October

Including: Wall, Anchor, Fenced Tree, Hanging Silk, Brick Tower, Hanging Clothes, Blue Window, Lamp and Phone, Wires and Trees and Pink Flower Sheet
Working in a wide range of subjects, styles, materials, and techniques, Robert Rauschenberg (1925-2008) has been called a forerunner of essentially every postwar movement since Abstract Expressionism, remaining, however, independent of any particular affiliation. Rauschenberg’s early works established a dialogue between media, the handmade and the readymade, and the gestural brushstroke and the mechanically reproduced image. This philosophy, combined with Rauschenberg’s lifelong commitment to collaboration, helped to cultivate his extensive relationship with Graphicstudio that resulted in multiple print and sculpture editions created over fifteen years. The artist and the studio shared a symbiotic relationship during Rauschenberg’s tenure that led to new and exciting technical and artistic developments.

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