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A Lifetime of Collecting – 101 Cartier Clocks
Online 7 - 21 July 2020

O. Bachet & A. Cartier, Cartier Exceptional Objects, Éditions Palais Royal, 2019, book I, p. 476 for the photograph of this clock


A model patented in 1937 had claims to be a 'mystery clock' in the wider sense: the Prism clock by Gaston Cusin. Born in 1897, Cusin had made his first clocks when he was fourteen and had been working with Maurice Coüet since 1919. It was the underwater periscope which gave him the idea for a clock with a dial reflected through prisms, and the principle was also applied to a few wristwatches. In 1984 Cusin's invention enjoyed a revived popularity.

Extract from Cartier Jewelers Extraordinary by H. Nadelhoffer
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