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Masterpieces in Miniature: Ancient Engraved Gems formerly in the G. Sangiorgi Collection Part II
Online 2 - 16 June 2020

J. Boardman and C. Wagner, Masterpieces in Miniature: Engraved Gems from Prehistory to the Present, London, 2018, p. 262, no. 246.

This solid gold ring has a thin oval bezel, beveled on its underside, and a plain hoop, slightly rounded on the interior and exterior. It is engraved with a nude Eros, his right heal raised, drawing his bow. The groundline and his wings are engraved in the tremolo technique, which is a fine zigzag pattern made by rocking a curved chisel point back and forth over the surface. Sangiorgi considered this to be from Magna Graecia, as do Boardman and Wagner (op. cit.). For the subject, compare pls. XIV, 7 and 8 in A. Furtwängler, Die Antike Gemmen.

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