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Consuelo Montagu, Duchess of Manchester (1853-1909), Catalogue of the Pictures at Kimbolton Castle, p. 6, no. 14, as ‘Vandyke’, in the Red Room.


Leeds, The National Exhibition of Works of Art, 1868, no. 764, as 'Van Dyck'.

This portrait is based on a lost original by van Dyck, of which numerous copies survive (see O. Millar in S.J. Barnes et. al., Van Dyck, A complete catalogue of the paintings, New Haven and London, 2004, p. 631, no. IVA.10). As Millar notes (ibid.), the original was probably designed in circa 1637 and based on the sitting for van Dyck’s portrait of the King, painted in 1635-6, in the collection of the Duke of Arundel (Sussex, Arundel Castle).

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