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Online 9 - 30 July 2020

This is a modello for the fresco painted by Giuseppe Bartolomeo Chiari in the vault of the second chapel on the right in the church of San Francesco di Paola, Rome. He also painted the Miracles of San Francis of Paola on the side walls of the chapel. A very similar painting is recorded in the 1714-16 and 1783 inventories of Palazzo Colonna in Piazza Santi Apostoli (E.A. Safarik, Collezione dei dipinti Colonna; inventari 1611-1795 (The Colonna collection of paintings, inventories 1611-1795), Munich, 1996).

We are grateful to Dr. Ludovica Trezzani for proposing the attribution, on the basis of photographs, and for relating the modello to the frescoes in San Francesco di Paola.

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