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Online 2 - 18 June 2020

This provenance derives from the following documentation which is included with the lot: affidavit regarding "Relics of the Late Charles Dickens for Sale for the benefit of the widow of Henry Walker, for 35 years in the employ of the late Charles Dickens the Novelist," signed with witnesses by Eliza Walker on 24 October 1901 and James Hooper, 29 October 1901; affidavit signed with a witness by Mrs C. Jackson, who had been "in Mr Dickens' employ at the time of his death in June 1870 and subsequently in that of his son till 1874," on 26 October 1901; Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge catalogue entry 4 December 1902, lot 719, noting "These most interesting relics of the famous Novelist were given by Charles Dickens' son to the housekeeper, Mrs. Hedderly, from who they were bought by the late Henry Walker, and removed to the residence of his step-son James Hooper of Bromley, Kent, who alone, from that time, has had custody of them. Signed and witnessed attestation papers, giving the complete history of these relics, will be sold with them," with buyer noted as Denham (printed scan); typed transcripts of above attestation papers with an affidavit signed and dated by Rose E. Sell, Ex-Governor W. A. MacCorkle's secretary, on 5 April 1916; signed affidavit with witness from William Laird on 24 April 1941, attesting to purchasing the writing table from Gov. MacCorkle and then giving it to James H. Hewlett, Dean of Centre College, together with a letter from Dr Laird's secretary, 6 February 1940 sending the whole of the above-listed documentation; receipt from Sutton Transfer Line between Dr Williams Laird, shipper, and Dr James Hewlett, consignee, 14 February 1940; a carbon typescript of Hewlett's thank you letter to Laird, 8 January 1941.

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