Red, Blue, Green, and Orange Eye OMB Set

OMB Orange Eye
Inscription 60,563,252
Inscription ID: 3beb59221cec3d1fbc189fc54933488a8015f4f25cabe9d41537bc45a63b0137i0
Sat Number: 45,015,193,582
WebP inscribed on Bitcoin - Block 9, 450x range
Executed in 2024 and inscribed on 11 February 2024. This work is unique and from the series of 3,141 unique OMB Orange Eye variants.

OMB Red Eye
Inscription 246,407
Inscription ID: 1070af2e98d34610fc713e2ce79e14597215a3fa9801947d95ad0ff2e17c4c71i0
Sat Number: 1,812,574,017,693,501
JPEG inscribed on Bitcoin
Executed in 2023 and inscribed on 1 March 2023. This work is unique and number 98 out of 100 OMB Red Eye variants.

OMB Blue Eye
Inscription 965,240
Inscription ID: 5ef7ca20531b491de0ba1631fd60338f39c7f9670416e46829266048200374d4i0
Sat Number: 392,052,419,415
JPEG inscribed on Bitcoin - Block 78
Executed in 2023 and inscribed on 4 April 2023. This work is unique and from the series of 100 unique OMB Blue Eye variants.

OMB Green Eye

Inscription 10,610,558
Inscription ID: e33bbb629a4dcfbbf1a651960d2dcddfd981453d4114b5c9a6c547f246aac0cbi0
Sat Number: 45,086,531,434
WebP inscribed on Bitcoin - Block 9, 450x range
Executed in 2023 and inscribed on 3 March 2023. This work is unique and from the series of 1,900 unique OMB Green Eye variants.

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The hand-drawn, 1/1 artworks in the Ordinal Maxi Biz collection come in four distinct color traits: Red, Blue, Green, and Orange Eyes. OMB Red Eyes, which started being inscribed in February 2023, represent some of the earliest original hand-drawn art on Bitcoin Ordinals. The Blue Eyes series was next to be inscribed and emerged as pioneering PFP (Picture-for-Profile) artworks on Block 78, introducing the ingenuity of “sat hunting” by developer and artist Nullish. Block 78 was mined by Hal Finney, Satoshi Nakamoto’s trusted collaborator and the first person to receive a bitcoin transaction, granting Block 78 as the first block mined by someone other than Nakamoto. The Green Eyes series, gained prominence as the very first PFP artwork inscribed on Block 9 which is the earliest discovered Bitcoin in circulation mined directly by Nakamoto. Nullish helped pioneer the concept of “sat hunting” and was the first to isolate sats from Block 9 which were used when inscribing OMB. The Orange Eyes series was sequentially inscribed on February 11, 2024, during Super Bowl LVIII, also being the oldest ever Block 9 sats to be inscribed on at the time.

Ordinal Maxi Biz, is consistently in the top 5 market caps of all Ordinal collections with over 1,400 Bitcoin in secondary volume while only having at 5,141 works in supply, underscoring its historical importance and dominance in the space.

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