IX SHELLS (B. 1990)
¿Cómo Respirar?
visual programming, born-digital, procedural audiovisuals made with GLSL in TouchDesigner
00:00:12 seconds (1350 x 1080 pixels)
Executed in 2021. This work is unique and is accompanied by a non-fungible token.
The artist
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“¿Cómo Respirar? Hablamos el idioma por debajo del umbral de sensaciones y conciencia. Hacemos ruido pero no puedes oírnos, estamos abiertos pero no puedes ver a través. Y está pensado de esta manera. ¿Nos puedes apartar de mi cosmos por tu aprobación? Allí luchamos contra la proyección constante y engañosa de lo que es negro o blanco. Estamos en constante cambio. Estas puertas se abrirán; percibiendo y permitiendo abundantes sombras, opciones y formas.”
— IX Shells

¿Cómo Respirar? (2021) representa la idea de una metrópolis en capas, expandiéndose y cambiando cada microsegundo (μs) contrastando con el cuerpo de trabajo de IX. El cual está fuertemente inspirado en mostrar vistas paralelas desde un constante flujo de ideas. Al alcanzar el resultado deseado, se empieza a formar imaginería mental. Imagina cómo se siente...“aprender a respirar”.

Itzel Yard (b. 1990), also known as IX Shells, is a generative artist skilled in curatorial projects, creative concept design and experimental art. She is based in Panama, Central America. IX Shells is self taught. Her constant research is fueled by a sense of rhythm, passion and wonder. Her love for computers started from a very young age with video game missions. These quests turned into riddles and seeds of real-time visions of what surrounds us. And eventually the patterns found within the darkest alleys of our minds became a quest for parallels. IX Shells has been creating digital art collections since February 2021. One of the most significant project in her career was creating the piece Dreaming AT Dusk in favor of Tor’s Project to support journalists, whistle-blowers and human rights defenders. This auction rocketed IX Shells to the forefront of female artists working in the NFT space. IX Shells is a leading voice in the generative art movement, creating poetic visualizations of algorithms and experimental music. As co-founder of Creative Code Art, IX Shells is also a strong advocate for an entire community of artists who are pushing the boundaries of creative coding.
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