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Sculpted by Nature: Fossils, Minerals and Meteorites
Online 1 - 8 November 2018

This specimen is from the low-altitude explosion of one of the most frightening natural phenomena ever experienced: the largest meteorite shower since the dawn of civilization. Its journey began approximately 320 million years ago when a large iron mass was deflected out of its orbit in the asteroid belt and ended the morning of 12 February 1947, when it slammed into Earth’s atmosphere and streaked over the Sikhote-Alin Mountains in eastern Siberia.
The main mass exploded at an altitude of about six kilometers and more than 60 tons of material was hurled onto the snowy terrain. On the ground, the resulting shock wave collapsed chimneys, shattered windows and uprooted trees. Shorn from all sides, and evidencing the immense atmospheric forces on a meteorite piercing the atmosphere, this is a fascinating artefact of a cataclysmic event.
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