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Online 15 - 29 October 2020

The present "Milsub" reference 5513 reveals the best of all ingredients this landmark model can possibly offer to the avid collector. The untouched dial is graced by the highly attractive discoloration of the luminous material to numerals and hands displaying a beautiful, uniform ivory tone. The bezel is the correct version featuring minute markings, unique for the military Submariner series.

The excellent original overall condition render this "Milsub" one of the most attractive examples of this legendary model to appear in public in recent years.

The Military version of the Submariner ref. 5513 was adapted following the specifications requested by the British Ministry of Defence. The watches had to be fitted with fixed bar lugs with a diameter of at least 2 mm. The dials had to be easily readable and were therefore equipped with the larger "sword" hands. They also had to show the international symbol for Tritium, the encircled "T". The hack feature allowing the precise setting of the time was another specific request. The models furthermore had a unique bezel with sixty minute marks rather than only the first fifteen minutes. The outside of the case backs was marked with the military broad arrow sign, Ministry of Defence issue numbers and unit number. Furthermore, the inside of the case backs repeated the serial number which is commonly only found between the lugs.

The outside of the case back of the present watch is engraved with the following markings:

0552 for British Ministry of Defense, 923-7697 for the NATO code (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), the Broad Arrow characterizing all watches owned by the British Army, the issue number 666 and issue year 77.

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