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Online 16 - 26 November 2019

H. Espada, Geraldo de Barros e a Fotografia, São Paulo, IMS: Ediciones Sesc São Paulo, 2014, p. 175 (another edition illustrated).

Before his emergence as a principal figure in Brazil’s Concrete art movement, de Barros honed a highly experimental approach to photography in mid-century São Paulo, broaching abstraction in his groundbreaking series of Fotoformas (1948-51). Dismantling the photographic process, the Fotoformas incorporated cut and painted negatives, multiple exposures, and pinhole photography among other techniques that confound representation, estranging the familiar. A montage of images taken from the Portuguese painter Vieira da Silva’s atelier in Paris, the present work disorients vision, its planes of windows—grilled and geometric—superimposed and rotating dynamically in space.

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